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Winter tyres are designed uniquely to triumph over snow-covered surfaces with ease of handling and driving comfort. These tyres come with a unique carcass material and tread design, setting them apart from other variants.

DMH Tyres is a reputed retailer of winter tyres Lloc with an inventory of all sizes and budgets. If your search for online ‘tyres near me’ has brought you to our website, you are in the right place!

Distinct winter tyre features

Winter tyres Burgess Lloc come packed with features distinct from conventional tyres that help them perform well in low temperatures.

Here’s a look:

Softer tread compound

High levels of natural rubber infused with silica, enabling the winter model to remain supple even during sub-zero temperatures. This flexibility enhances grip, even on risky surfaces like black ice. The soft compound also offers extended durability.

Deeper tread grooves

Winter units come with tread grooves deeper than regular models. It allows the tyre to pack in ice and provide improved ice-on-ice traction. The tread grooves are also wider to offer effective water evacuation, making the unit aquaplaning resistant. Wider grooves also improve the handling and cornering performance of this variant.

Denser sipes

Winter units have a higher percentage of sipes, which bite into the uneven ground to offer better traction. Sipes help minimise the braking distance to a great extent, which in return improves your driving safety.

Factors to consider while purchasing winter tyres Lloc

  • Always ensure that the tread depth is above the minimum legal limit of 1.6 mm.
  • When switching tyres, we suggest you go for a model with at least a tread depth of 4 mm.
  • Do not mix and match tyre variants, as it can drastically jeopardise your driving safety. If you are replacing your current tyres with winter tyres, we suggest replacing all four of them. It is illegal to have two tyre variants on the same lateral plane.
  • Always buy the right-sized model. Inaccurate tyre sizes not only bring a drop in the fuel economy but also compromise your safety on snow-laden roads.

Our most preferred winter tyres

  • Pirelli P Zero Winter
  • Goodyear UltraGrip WTT
  • Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850 and more

Connect with us for a set of winter tyres Lloc that are just the right fit for your model. You can also call us for a 24/7 emergency tyre replacement Lloc service.

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