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Tyre Repair

Are you searching for a tyre repair workshop?

Consider D.M.H Tyres Ltd as a one-stop destination for all your tyre-related requirements.

We are a reputed establishment in Lloc adhering to the BS AU 159 standards while conducting tyre repair Lloc. To meet the recommendations, we only carry out repairs in a tyre’s ‘minor repair area’. Keeping your driving safety in mind, we strictly recommend a tyre change in case of serious damages.

When Should You Opt For Our Tyre Repair?

Apart from the obvious flat tyre, you should also watch out for these common signs that punctured tyres exhibit:

  • Difficulty in steering
  • Vehicle shuddering while driving
  • Car pulling to one side when driving
  • Blinking TPMS light
  • Compromised braking efficiency

Stay alert on the road, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you notice any of these symptoms.

We also recommend you come to us on a regular basis for a tyre/tyre pressure check.

How Can We Help?

After inspecting the damage, we will use either of the following methods to repair your car tyres:

  • Plug
  • Patch
  • Plug and patch

Here’s how we conduct the process:

  • We will locate the damage and prepare a puncture channel using a 6mm carbide mill cutter.
  • After that, we will clean the area thoroughly with a repair scraper and a pre-buff cleaner.
  • We will, then, buff the inner liner with a buffing rasp.
  • In the next step, our experts will remove dust and other particles, such as buffed rubber, fluffed cords or wire particles.
  • Up next, we will apply a special vulcanised accelerator solution to the buffed area and puncture channel.
  • After that, we will put the combination tyre repair patch and insert it inside the channel.
  • The next step is pulling the combination tyre repair patch and plugging it outwards.
  • After that, our experts will roll the reverse of this patch with a corrugated tyre stitcher.
  • Towards the end, we will seal the repair patch and plug the exposed area with an inner liner sealant.
  • To finish off, we will cut the stem of the combination tyre patch.

Note - We do not repair run-flat variants.

Why Us?

Our tyre repair Lloc reflects the British Standard, which allocates limit to puncture location and size.

As a result, our experts only conduct repairs after checking the tyre thoroughly. If your vehicle’s tyres display any of the following issues, we will not continue with the repair:

  • Tread depth below 1.6mm
  • Any secondary damage
  • Deterioration of the rubber
  • Exposed cords
  • Damage to the beads
  • Previous faulty repairs
  • Damage on the sidewall
  • Punctures over 6mm in diameter

Note – most punctures can be repaired but if any of these issues are found, we will strongly recommend a tyre replacement Lloc.

Your safety is our priority!

So, what are you waiting for?

Opt for an affordable alternative by approaching us for a tyre repair Lloc.

Visit us at Unit 1 Park Crossways Industrial Estate Saint Asaph Road Lloc CH88RF.

For queries, please dial 01352 721163.