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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli, a multinational Italian tyre manufacturing company, is one of the prominent names in the industry. In 1974, the enterprise gained enormous success for its revolutionary invention of the ‘wide radial tyre’. Today, it is operating commercially in more than 160 countries. With 19 facilities in 13 countries and a network of approximately 14,600 distributors and retailers worldwide, Pirelli is constantly outdoing its capabilities.

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Then DMH Tyres is your ultimate destination. We boast an extensive collection of Pirelli car tyres Lloc in all sizes and variants for all makes and models.

Rest your search for 'tyres near me'. Instead, buy Pirelli tyres Lloc from us through online booking. All you have to do is provide the vehicle registration number on the tyre finder option on our website and navigate through our collection.

Let us take a look at some of our best-sellers:

Summer Tyres

Do you love speed? Then summer tyres are ideal for you. Listed below are some of its distinct features:

  • Provide advanced responsiveness, cornering and braking capabilities
  • Unique tread patterns and sturdy rubber compound permit precision on the road
  • Fewer grooves mean more contact with the road, thus offering maximum grip and traction and better stability

Top Picks:

  • P Nero GT

Winter Tyres

To prepare your car for colder months, we advise you to switch to winter Pirelli tyres Lloc. Below are given some of the top benefits of this variant:

  • Tiny spies in the tread blocks act as biting edges and grip snow, ensuring optimal safety while driving
  • Zigzag cut-outs on the tyre increase rigidity of the tread, enable effective propulsion and protect against aquaplaning
  • Studs dig into the snow better to provide maximum control over your vehicle
  • Natural rubber in high proportion makes the tyre softer and provides stable traction

Top Picks:

  • P Zero Winter

All-Season Tyres

We retail all-season tyres at a reasonable price. But what makes them suitable to opt for? Here are the reasons:

  • The intermediate tread depth and groove structure provide utmost traction on wet and dry roads
  • The concoction of rigid rubber and tread compounds ensures great manoeuvring properties and traction

Top Picks:


You can also purchase from us:

  • 4X4 tyres
  • Performance tyres

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