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Dunlop Tyres

The journey of Dunlop tyres began in Dublin, Ireland, in 1890, with John Boyd Dunlop reinventing the pneumatic tyres for his son's tricycle; he later used it for cycle racing. What began with a Scottish veterinary surgeon's imagination later became a multi-million dollar company with a global presence.

DMH Tyres is a renowned retailer of Dunlop tyres Lloc with a collection of all the latest products from the brand.

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Take a look at some popular Dunlop products on our inventory:

Sport BluResponse

This variant by Dunlop car tyre is ideal for daily use during the summer season. It has a 30%* better fuel-efficient design. It also offers 3 metres* shorter braking distance in dry conditions and 2.8 metres* shorter braking distance in wet conditions.

Sport MAXX Race 2

Specially developed for the summer season, the product offers exceptional grip on dry roads. In addition, this performance tyre variant ensures stability, both in a straight line and corners. Hence, it qualifies as your ideal companion for weekend track days during the summer season.

Winter Sport 5

These specially curated winter car tyres Lloc from Dunlop offer superb lateral grip on slippery winter roads and improve vehicle performance. This variant also comes with run-flat technology.

Grandtrek WT M3

This variant by Dunlop tyres Lloc is designed for SUVs and is ideal for winters. Its tread pattern with wider grooves ensures quick water evacuation and reduces aquaplaning. The Multi-Blade System features two types of blades that work together for better traction.

Grandtrek AT20

This all-season variant from Dunlop ensures quality performance throughout the year. It comes with a tread design that keeps your vehicle steady, irrespective of the season and road conditions. Also, the Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology provides a quiet ride, reducing the tyre noise.

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