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Summer Check

After the harsh UK winters, opt for a car summer check Lloc to tune up your car components optimally for warmer months. Tyres, engine coolants, wiper blades, etc., need to be in top-notch condition to ensure a safe on-road driving experience.

DMH Tyres is an ideal choice for summer car service Lloc. We have an expert team working with advanced equipment to deliver prompt and efficient services. They visit you on location, inspect your vehicle and perform a comprehensive check on various components to identify their functional levels and suggest repairs or replacements as necessary.

What entails our car summer check?


Tyres play an integral role in ensuring your on-road safety and helping extract optimal performance from your vehicle. Our professionals will check if the tyres are season-specific or supportive of the warmer season. We further ensure that the tyre tread depth is at least 1.6mm – the minimum requirement to be road-legal in the UK.


Our experts will also inspect your car’s braking system. Worn-out brake pads increase braking distance significantly. It is, thus, a threat to your on-road safety while driving and needs immediate vehicle service Lloc.


The car battery drains faster in the winter season. Therefore, there are high chances that its discharge levels are low or even exhausted. We will check the discharge levels and charge the battery as per protocol. Experts may suggest a replacement if the battery is already dead.

Car Air Conditioner

Optimal air conditioning in your car is a must to deal with the scorching heat. Our experts will inspect the compressor and refill r-134a refrigerant in the car’s air-con system as required. They will also check the evaporator and condenser.


It is crucial to keep the car engine temperature within the manufacturer intended limits, failing which can lead to engine seizure and diminished performance. We will check the levels and refill if necessary to help you avoid engine overheat issues.

Engine Oil

Car summer check Lloc at DMH Tyres includes inspecting your car’s engine oil levels. Burnt engine oil is detrimental to engine health and can lead to severe performance issues in the summer heat. Therefore, we will replace it with a season-specific variant to ensure optimal performance.

Wiper Blades

Summers in the UK have considerable rainfall. Thus, it requires the wiper blades on your car to be in top-notch condition to help you avoid any visibility issue under challenging weather conditions. Our technicians will inspect the wiper blades and provide an OE-grade replacement if required, with your consent.

If you are still searching for the best ‘car repairing garage near me’, look no further! Talk to our experts regarding any vehicle-related issue or car summer check Lloc without hesitation. Call us on 01352 721163 for 24x7 mobile assistance.

All our checks and inspections adhere to governmental regulations to ensure on-road driving safety.

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