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Exhaust Service Lloc

The optimal functioning of an exhaust system is crucial for a car’s smooth and safe operation as it throws out toxic fumes, reduces emission and noise levels. When problems arise with this essential car component, it can hinder vehicle functioning and deplete fuel efficiency. In addition, poisonous fumes released in the car’s cabin can also cause serious harm to passengers.

At DMH Tyres, we offer a gamut of car services at competitive prices, including exhaust repairs and part replacements. Our experienced and highly trained professionals use the latest equipment and tools for exhaust repair Lloc services. We also offer OE-grade replacement for damaged exhaust parts for all sorts of vehicles at affordable prices.

What do we check in our exhaust repairing services?

We thoroughly inspect all the different components of the exhaust system before performing any repairs. These include:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Catalytic converter
  • Silencer
  • Hangers
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Tailpipe

What are some of the warning signs of a damaged exhaust system?

The following are some warning signs that indicate you need to take your car to an garage for exhaust service Lloc:

Juddering gas pedal, car seat or steering wheel

A rusty exhaust pipe or leaks can cause unusual vibrations in these parts. Rusting is a common problem with metal parts of the exhaust system.

Hissing or popping noise when the engine is running

It could be due to a blockage in the exhaust pipes, causing unusually high pressures.

Performance issues

If you notice a decrease in acceleration and an increase in time to start the car, there could be an issue with the catalytic converter. Connect with us for prompt solutions.

Burning smell from the engine bay

A leak due to a damaged gasket can cause the plastic parts of the engine wiring to start burning. If you encounter this, switch off the car and search for an garage for exhaust repair Lloc.

Gas smell

If you can smell gas in your car, it indicates damaged exhaust pipes or tubes.

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