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Bulb Replacement

The dreaded MOT failure usually has several underlying issues. However, the most common causes among them are light and signalling. These issues are also among the easiest and cheapest to fix.

At DMH Tyres, we bring you the best fixes for car bulb replacement Lloc. We only use E- marked bulbs that are legally approved.

Bulb/light check to steer away from MOT Failure

For a car to function best and be roadworthy, you must fit bulbs correctly and ensure these emit light of optimal brightness. Four bulb checks to avoid MOT failure include:

Headlight and Fog light bulbs

Position both bulbs correctly so that the light does not fall too high or too low, thus ensuring a proper view of the road. More importantly, the headlight aim should be below horizontal to avoid dazzling other drivers. Ensure the bulbs are the same shape, size and in good condition. Also, check that the bulbs on both sides emit equal brightness. Standard fog light bulbs emit a dimmer light that is more of a yellow colour. Our experts advise replacing any bulb that is not up to the mark.

Taillight bulbs

These too must be correctly positioned. Taillight bulbs must be of the same size and shape and should emit the same colour light, with equal brightness. The same applies to the brake light bulbs.

Number plate bulbs

The two bulbs above the number plate must illuminate as you turn on the headlights. Both bulbs should function optimally to meet the MOT requirement set by law.

Turn signals

Turn signal at the back of the car and its indicators on the dashboard must function right. In case of a blown bulb or the corresponding light on the dashboard blinks too quickly, replace the bulb immediately; this is also among the common causes of MOT failure.

Another dashboard light inspected for vehicle MOT include the engine light. If the light remains on or is flashing after engine ignition, it will result in an MOT failure.

In each case, it is vital that the bulbs light up with a single switch; if not, replace them without a second thought at DMH Tyres Lloc.

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