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The EU tyre label regulation came into existence in November 2012 and applies to all car and van tyres manufactured after 1 July 2012.

But why are these labels so important?

The markings on the EU tyre label are provided to help motorists choose the ideal tyre as per their requirements and make an informed purchase decision. The labels are added in a standard manner in all tyre brands so that you can compare their vital statistics conveniently.

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Further, when you visit us, our in-house experts will try their best to explain all the tyre markings in jargon-free language so that you can pick the ideal unit for your vehicle.

However, if you wish to proceed with your purchase through our website, follow the below sections to understand these labels.

EU Tyre Labelling Explained

To reach climate neutrality by 2050, the European Union modified its tyre label regulation. The markings under the new tyre label and their meanings are described below:

Fuel efficiency

The new tyre labelling measures a vehicle’s fuel efficiency between classes A and E. Tyres featuring an A rating has the lowest rolling resistance, resulting in lesser fuel costs. An electricity lightning symbol indicates this metric, highlighting that it is applicable for electric vehicles as well.

Wet grip

As per the latest changes, tyres will feature wet grip measurements between A and E. An A rating indicates shorter wet braking distance; an E rating shows the least wet braking performance.

External noise

The letters ABC now indicate the noise rating instead of the sound waves. Consequently, tyres featuring an A rating emit less noise outside the vehicle, and a B rating indicates more external noise. Meanwhile, tyres with a C noise rating are no longer permissible.

Additional Changes

Besides the above-mentioned metrics, you will also find these labels on all tyres:

  • Snow tyres will now feature a 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake’ (3PMSF) symbol.
  • Nordic tyres will have an ice stalagmite symbol.
  • The new EU tyre labels will include a QR code. Upon scanning the code, you will receive additional information from the database of the European Commission.
  • The new labels will contain an energy efficiency label on the top.

Still confused?

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