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As you witness the temperature rise, procure yourself a set of summer tyres Lloc.

Constructed using softer synthetic rubber, summer models offer better contact even in extreme temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Larger tread blocks on these tyres are also a contributing factor as they give the units increased contact areas on summer roads. Summer tyres usually offer impressive handling on both wet and dry tarmac.

It is easy to differentiate summer tyres among other variants. Apart from featuring larger tread blocks, they come designed with fewer sipes. However, the most distinct feature is the tread bars that minimise aquaplaning. Also, the summer tyres come with a shallow tread depth, offering stability at high speed.

Where to Get the Best Summer Car Tyres Lloc?

Car owners looking for summer car tyres Lloc can contact us- DMH Tyres. We are an established name in tyre retail, known for our quality yet budget-friendly tyres and related services.

Here is an insight into some of our best-selling summer tyre models. Please have a look:


If you are looking for summer tyres Lloc for impressive braking performance, opt for Michelin Primacy 3. Besides, the tyres maintain optimum road contact because of their tread pattern, featuring auto-blocking sipes.

What is more? This summer model has been chosen 120 times as OE by top car makers across the globe!


Maxxis Classic Whitewall MA-1 is one of the ideal touring summer tyres for passenger cars. You can rest assured to find the product in various classic tyre sizes, offering an optimum driving experience during the summer months. Even if you leave your vehicle parked for a season, the tyres will not warp easily.


Ideal for both road and track use, the P ZERO CORSA SYSTEM ensures optimal stability even at greater velocities. Plus, the tyre features a directional tread design that helps expel water, thus lessening the chances of hydroplaning. On the other hand, the asymmetric tread pattern provides excellent handling and rigidity.


The STREETRESPONSE2 by Dunlop comes equipped with various technologies. For instance, the Hybrid Overlay Technology resists circumferential deformations even at increased velocities. Other than this, the tyre also features a Specific Bead Seat System for outstanding road feedback.

EcoContact 6Q

This model is compatible with both passenger and 4x4 vehicles, which guarantees less fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Besides, the Green Chilli compound helps to lessen tyre wear as well.

Apart from these, our inventory includes multiple other summer tyre models from various international and domestic brands.

Therefore, quit searching for ‘tyres near me’ and visit our website or connect with us over a call on 01352 721163 to buy summer tyres Lloc at affordable prices.