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Car Battery Replacement Services

Functional car batteries are what put your car into motion. In addition, the proper functioning of your car battery is essential to ensure optimal vehicle performance.

Have you been observing issues with your car battery lately?

If you happen to notice bloated car batteries or a slower engine crank, then getting it checked by a professional is the right call. Any delays will cause severe damages to other car components as well.

At DMH Tyres, we offer multiple services, including a comprehensive battery check and car battery replacement Lloc service at the best rates. Our team of experts will identify the issues accurately and figure out prompt solutions. Our latest, high-tech equipment aids us in this process too. With our OE-grade spares and replacements, rest assured of enhanced vehicle performance and driving comfort.

Most car battery Lloc come with an expected service life of five years. But it can face premature damages due to several factors like extreme temperature, incorrect installation, loose terminals, worn-out terminals, malfunction in the charging system, and others. So, to keep your driving comfort intact, we suggest you get your car battery checked periodically.

Look out for the following signs to identify a malfunctioning car battery:

Sulphuric Stench

Does it smell like rotten eggs around your car battery? If yes, it is a definite sign of a leak in your car battery Lloc. If not addressed immediately, this issue may lead to a vehicle breakdown.

Bloated Battery Case

An overheated battery tends to bloat as its chemical components react speedily with temperature rise. If you see that your car battery is bloated, you should immediately opt for our car battery replacement Lloc service.

Slow Engine Crank

A slow engine crank can also be indicative of a failing car battery. It is a sign that battery potency is gradually dropping, and it is probably time for a replacement.

Dimmer Lights

Dimmer lights generally imply a faulty car battery. It occurs when the car battery fails to supply adequate power to its electrical system. Such a situation can be hazardous, especially when driving around at night.

DMH Tyres is among the leading tyre retailers and car services providers in and around Lloc, offering efficient and affordable car battery Lloc services. Our experts run a thorough inspection on battery elements like:

  • Terminals
  • Charging system
  • Wires
  • Cables
  • Fluid level etc.

Besides offering OE-grade replacements, we also provide battery fluid refills if they have fallen below the manufacturer recommended level.

With the combination of our expertise and high-tech equipment, you can rest assured that DMH Tyres will be the best result for your ‘battery service near me’ search.

We also extend mobile battery fitting Lloc for your convenience. To register, book your time and day and provide your location details. Our fully-equipped experts will reach your location on time.

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