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Winter Check

Winters in the UK pose considerable difficulty for vehicle drivers with snow-laden roads and reduced visibility. Moreover, incessant rain and snow hinder optimal vehicle control, making cars susceptible to skids. Moreover, extreme temperatures also alter the tyre carcass composition, compromising its performance.

Avoid any such issue by opting for a winter check and ensure optimal vehicle performance even in sub-zero temperatures.

DMH Tyres is a reliable car services provider for winter vehicle check Lloc. Our experts work efficiently with modern equipment and advanced technology to inspect and offer the necessary repairs or replacements. They are well-versed with the legal mandates and adhere to the same while conducting services.

Moreover, we stock OE-grade spares to replace any damaged vehicle component, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

What does our winter check Lloc include?

Our experts will conduct thorough checks on the following components:


Our professionals will first check if your car tyres feature a tread depth of at least 1.6mm – the legal minimum to drive in the UK. Further, we also check for any critical damage in the tyre carcass. If the tyres do not meet these conditions, we recommend installing new ones.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is integral to maintaining engine health. Driving with overused engine oil is not only detrimental to the engine but will also reduce fuel efficiency and acceleration rate. In such a case, we will replace it with a seasonal variant to restore your car’s engine performance.

Braking System

Our professionals will check your vehicle’s braking components, including rotors, callipers and brake pads. If there is an increased braking distance, they will replace the damaged parts with an OE-grade spare.


Your car’s battery health and power output are essential for several critical vehicular components to function optimally, including headlamps, ignition, TPMS, etc. Therefore, our experts will ensure that battery output is optimum and recharged/replaced accordingly.

Antifreeze and Coolant

Moreover, as part of our car winter check Lloc, our experts will also check antifreeze and coolant levels and provide a top-up or refill as required. We maintain the recommended 50:50 ratio between antifreeze and coolant.

Windscreen and Wiper Blades

Snow and rain drastically hamper proper visibility. Therefore, any scratch or malfunctioning wiper blades can pose safety threats while driving through challenging conditions like heavy rains. Our experts will inspect windscreen and wiper blade conditions and replace any damaged component with your consent.


Our winter car check Lloc also includes a thorough inspection of your car’s electrical components, including turn lights, fog lamps, etc. We will replace parts not functioning as per required standards.

Our car winter check Lloc also includes:

  • Suspension check
  • Steering inspection
  • Exhaust check, etc.

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