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Tyre Pressure Check

Driving with under-inflated tyres exposes your vehicle to major road threats and impairs its performance and fuel economy. Hence, most cars nowadays come with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), keeping constant surveillance on the tyre pressure check Lloc. It alerts the driver if the tyre pressure falls below the optimal level.

However, if the TPMS of your car is not functioning adequately and you are unable to keep a check on the tyre pressure, you should immediately opt for expert assistance.

Experts from DMH Tyres will thoroughly inspect both the TPMS sensor Lloc and the tyre pressure of your vehicle to resolve whatever the issue is, with the best course of action.

Why should tyre pressure be checked?

Both under-inflated and over-inflated tyres severely impact on-road driving safety and tyre life. Hence, tyre-pressure-check at regular time intervals is essential.

Over-Inflated Tyres

If your car tyres are over-inflated, they will impair traction and car handling mechanisms. Furthermore, an over-inflated tyre leads to over-heating and increases the chances of a blowout that can lead to a severe accident. It also reduces the road contact of a tyre and adversely affects the fuel consumption and the braking mechanism.

Under-Inflated Tyres

Under-inflated tyres also impair the handling mechanism of a car and make it extremely hard to steer around the corners. Also, like over-inflated tyres, the under-inflated units increase the heat build-up, increasing the chances of a blowout and consequential accidents. Under-inflated tyres also lead to uneven tyre wear, severely impacting tyre durability.

Hence, it is imperative to keep tyre pressure under constant check so that you can experience uncompromised driving safety and comfort.

We recommend you opt for a tyre-pressure-check once every three to four weeks; also, a tyre-pressure-check right before heading on a very long journey is a must!

What can cause tyre pressure loss?

Some of the common causes of tyre pressure loss are listed below:

  • Faulty mounting
  • Rough driving conditions
  • TPMS valve leaks
  • Incomplete or low-quality repairs
  • Improper tyre size
  • Tyre age

Why visit us?

  • Before inflating or deflating, our tyre experts will first check your car tyre placard.
  • Our experts will inflate or deflate your vehicle tyres as per manufacturer specifications.
  • Get instant tyre pressure check Lloc as we provide 24/7 on-road assistance. Give us a call on 01352 721163.