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Looking for a set of new car tyres Lloc, but not sure what tyre size will suit your vehicle? Well, you need not worry! Our professionals at DMH Tyres will happily guide you in selecting the correct units for your car.

The right car tyres allow a driver to enjoy maximum control and comfort while driving with improved on-road security.

Every model comes with its respective tyre size embossed on its sidewall. This tyre size is an alphanumeric representation for several pieces of information in a specific combination. However, some may struggle to understand this alphanumeric combination. Hence we, a responsible tyre retailer and car services provider, are here to help you understand tyre size better, so you make an informed decision while making a purchase.

With a clear understanding of tyre size, buying tyres online becomes easy.

What is this alphanumeric code?

As the name suggests, it is a combination of several numbers and alphabets which give us information such as the dimension, speed and load-bearing capacity of that specific model. Let us try and understand this better with an example.

Suppose your vehicle requires tyres Burgess Lloc that reads 215/65 R16 98T. This set of numbers, symbols and letters on the sidewall may seem meaningless at first. So, allow us to decode it for you.


The first set of numbers- 215 implies the tyre width from one sidewall to another. Its measuring units are millimetres.


The next set of numbers denotes the aspect ratio or profile ratio, that is, the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the section width. Here 65 means this height is equivalent to 65% of the 215mm width.


The first alphabet reveals the type of construction. In this case, the letter R stands for radial; other types are bias and solid. However, radial is the most common and preferred by several manufacturers as an OE standard.


The third numeric value denotes the rim diameter, measured in inches. In this code, it is 16.


The next set of numbers represents the load index. It indicates the maximum load this tyre model can bear is 98 units, which falls around 750 kg.


'T' represents the maximum speed at which a unit is safe to drive when properly inflated. In this case, it is 118 mph.

Online Tyre Sale Option

We know that understanding this code can be a task. It is why, for your convenience, we extend our online tyre sale facility. To purchase new car tyres Lloc from anywhere, enter your vehicle registration number, and our tyre finder tool will determine your car tyre size to give you recommendations accordingly. Hence, you can buy tyres even if you are unaware of your car tyre size.

All tyres in our catalogue are from renowned brands. They come with EU labels attached to help you understand wet grip, external noise emission and fuel economy.

Mobile Tyre-fitting Facility

Do you find yourself too busy to visit a garage for a tyre-fitment session? Opt for our hassle-free mobile tyre fitting Lloc. For registration, submit your address on our Tyre Fitting Booking tool. We will arrive at your given location and install the tyres using advanced equipment. Also, we will conduct free wheel balancing to ensure optimal driving safety.

For further queries, call 01352 721163 to talk to our experts. We have an elaborate inventory to meet your ‘tyres near me’ search.