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Brake Repair Service

The braking system plays a crucial role in providing maximum on-road driving safety and handling efficiency. Worn-out brake pads and discs will not only reduce your vehicle braking efficiency but adversely affect your handling performance too. Besides, it will increase premature tyre wear and even lead to fatal accidents.

If you notice that your vehicle is taking longer to come to a halt, visit us at the earliest. Neglecting the signs of a malfunctioning braking system will only lead to costly repair bills in the long run.

Experts suggest opting for a brake pad replacement Lloc from a reliable facility, like DMH Tyres. We offer value-for-money brake inspection and replacement services with utmost precision.

Additionally, we stock high-graded OE-spares to provide instant brake repair Lloc at competitive costs. The prowess of our seasoned technicians renders us efficient to deal with a malfunctioning braking system, irrespective of its make or model.

How often do our experts suggest a brake inspection?

As per industry experts, car owners must opt for routine braking system inspection every 10,000-15,000 miles to check for symptoms of wear and tear. Since several factors are responsible for causing premature damage to the braking system components, we strictly suggest brake replacement Lloc.

Factors causing premature wearing of braking system components:

  • Overheating brake pads due to excessive use
  • Hydraulic fluids leakage
  • Frequent drive on rough and muddy terrain
  • Incorrect hydraulic fluid pressure
  • Overloading your vehicle beyond its maximum load-carrying capacity, etc.

In case you are searching for a 'brake repairing service near me', chances are you are currently experiencing increased braking distance. Contact us in such situations for a brake inspection and replacements Lloc.

We are sure you will not be disappointed!

Signs of a faulty braking system:

With close observation, you can detect the signs of a potential brake failure. While some symptoms are evident, others may need a careful eye:

Please note: Since repairing damaged/faulty brakes is scientifically impossible, car owners must opt for brake replacement and brake repair Lloc services from a reliable facility.

Vibrating brake pedal- If you notice odd vibrations in the brake pedal, it is a sign of a damaged rotor that needs urgent replacement.

Reduced resistance in the brake pedal- If you feel almost zero resistance when applying the brake, the brake fluid in your car is probably low and requires re-filling.

Vehicles drift in a particular direction while braking- If you notice your car drifting to either side even after applying the brakes, it may be a sign of potentially damaged brake callipers.

Why choose us for brake replacement Lloc?

With years of hands-on experience, our professionals look for signs of damages and thoroughly check every component of your vehicle’s braking system. Only after diagnosing the issues will we conduct the needed actions.

Thorough inspection

  • Brake pads and discs
  • Brake pedal
  • Emergency brake
  • Master cylinder
  • Wheel speed sensors
  • Rotors
  • Brake booster
  • ABS control module, etc.

Brake pad replacement facility

We replace brake pads and discs with OE-grade spares to assure you a safe drive. Only after thorough inspection will our technicians advise whether your brakes pads require replacement or not.

We accept payment post fitment!

24/7 brake pad replacement Lloc service

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