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4 x Wheel Alignment

Does your car pull to one side when driving in a straight line?

There might be an issue with your car’s wheel alignment if such an issue persists. Besides, misaligned wheels can also result in compromised fuel economy and uneven tyre wear.

You can steer clear of these problems by visiting a professional car workshop for timely wheel alignment checks. In this regard, D.M.H Tyres Ltd uses the latest tools and equipment to make accurate and quick adjustments to your car’s wheel angles. Our experts conduct a comprehensive wheel alignment Lloc by checking the camber, caster, and toe angles.

When To Opt For A Wheel Alignment Check?

Our in-house experts always suggest that motorists conduct a comprehensive inspection of their vehicle’s wheel alignment regularly.

That said, try to approach us at the earliest if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Steering wheel juddering
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Audible noise when turning
  • Reduced steering control and handling efficiency

Our experts will inspect your car’s wheel angles and adjust them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

What Could Cause Issues With Wheel Alignment?

Here are the most common causes of wheel misalignment:

Severe impact or jarring

Sometimes, wheel alignment issues may surface if you experience a sudden impact or jarring. For example, driving on deep potholes or contact with a curb can have severe long-term effects on your car.

So, if your vehicle has experienced a recent impact, it is advisable to opt for a wheel alignment.

Worn parts

If you drive an older car, your wheel alignment check might be due quicker. The most common cause of wheel misalignment is worn wheel bearings, which can cause your car tyres to tilt. In addition, worn out suspension springs can affect your vehicle’s wheel alignment.

Bring your vehicle to our workshop for a routine 4-wheel alignment check Lloc, and we will determine the root cause behind misaligned wheels. If worn parts are the issue, we will replace them after consulting you.

How Do We Perform Wheel Alignment?

When you approach us for wheel alignment check Lloc, our experts will first take a look at:

Camber - Camber is a tyre’s inward or outward angle when viewed from the vehicle’s front. Too much inward tilt in a tyre indicates negative camber, while an outward tilt indicates positive camber. Typically, worn-out ball joints and other suspension parts may contribute to a positive or negative camber.

Our experts will assess the extent of misalignment and align the wheels as per your car’s manufacturer’s recommendations.

Caster - Your car’s caster angle is responsible for balanced steering and cornering ability. Specifically, it is the angle of your car’s steering axis when viewed from the side. With a positive caster, the steering axis will shift towards the driver. Meanwhile, if your vehicle has a negative caster, the steering axis will shift towards the front.

Unless you drive a race car, we will adjust this angle per manufacturer recommendations.

Toe - Unlike camber and caster, the toe angle is measured as toe-out or toe-in. It is the tyre’s angle when viewed from the top. An inward tilt of tyres, when viewed from this angle, is toe-in, whereas an outward tilt indicates toe-out.

Both toe-in and toe-out can cause compromised steering control, which needs fixing at the earliest.

Note - It might not be possible for us to align your car’s wheels if the vehicle’s suspension system is modified. Our experts will discuss this with you after assessing your vehicle’s condition.

Tips To Maintain Correct Wheel Alignment

  • Drive sensibly
  • Refrain from storing heavy items in the boot
  • Keep your vehicle’s tyres properly inflated
  • Slow down at speed bumps and potholes
  • Avoid rough driving

You may overlook wheel misalignment issues immediately. However, they can feed on your vehicle if left unchecked for a long time.

So, if your regular wheel alignment check is due, contact us at the earliest.

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