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Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone is one of the largest tyre manufacturers worldwide, with business operations spread over more than 100 countries and production units in more than 50 countries. The tyres feature cutting edge technologies that offer exemplary on-road performance.

If you are looking for Bridgestone tyres, look no further than DMH Tyres. We offer Bridgestone tyres Lloc for every driving requirement.

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You can now reserve your favourite Bridgestone car tyres Lloc using our online tyre finder tool. Please find available options using your car registration or tyre index details and book your units with us; pay later at the centre.

Bridgestone Tyre Types at DMH Tyres:

Summer(POTENZA RE 040)

Summer tyres from the house of Bridgestone come with high shoulder blocks and a rigid centre rib, enabling superior traction and response. These tyres can combat aquaplaning risks, courtesy of their high angle lug grooves and optimised rolling resistance, thereby offering extended tyre life.

Winter(BLIZZAK LM005)

Winter variants from Bridgestone are known for their excellent traction and grip on demanding surfaces. Further, a softer rubber compound and innovative grooves offer optimal braking efficiency and cornering precision on snow-laden roads.

All-season(Ecopia EP422)

Ideal for all-year use, these tyres Lloc deliver unmatched performance on both dry and wet tracks in moderate temperatures. Asymmetrical tread pattern and intermediate tread depth provide ideal manoeuvrability and grip on wet surfaces.

Performance(Potenza – S04 Pole Position)

Ideal for supercar and performance car owners, performance tyres Lloc are favourable due to their high heat build-up resistance and ability to offer superior control, cornering precision and traction at high speeds.

4x4(Dueller H/T 687)

4x4 or SUV tyres are suitable for off-roading enthusiasts, frequently driving on rugged terrains. These tyres come with reinforced sidewalls and wide shoulder blocks that offer best-in-class grip and steering precision on uneven surfaces. These are of three types depending on their usability – All-Terrain (A/T), Highway-Terrain (H/T) and Mud-Terrain (M/T).

Apart from these, we also house an extensive collection of car tyres Lloc from a range of brands in premium, mid-range and budget segments.

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